• About the owner

  • With a deep connection to her colourful slavic heritage, Ru-ki Botanicals owner Maria Doubrovski is passionate about creating harmony in people, the plants and animals of our planet via natural means.

    Having already completed a Bachelor in Complementary Medicine and undertaking a Bachelor of Health Science, Naturopathy, Maria has extensively learnt about the wonderful explained and unexplained healing properties of medicinal plants. Growing up in an immigrant family, Maria was exposed to the potent power of natural remedies, passed down through ancestral knowledge.

    Living on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, immersed in nature, Maria grew the desire to share her love for herbal traditions and culture with the rest of the world. From here Ru-ki was born. 

  • Story & Philosophy

  • They danced in the fields whilst picking flowers and drying roots for the makings of potions and elixirs. Whispers of knowledge passed down from trees, plants, rivers and animals, fed from their ancestors to the lineage.


    Our brand

    Ru-ki Botanicals is a herbal dispensary brand that encourages people to reconnect with the wisdom and gifts of nature, through the energetics of plants. Our brand aims to engage and connect customers to their roots, heritage, ancestral stories and historic folk healing methods through natural remedies.

    Our Australian made formulas have been created with a qualified clinical herbalist to maximise the benefits and ensure quality product as well as safe dosages and formulations. All products have been created using synergistic blends of the finest herbal powders with no additives or fillers.

    1% from each purchase is donated to an environmental or animal welfare charity.