• Our brand sings about the healing benefits of nature connection. 

    It’s important to remember that it is our planet that gives us an environment which keeps us alive as a human race. Fresh air for our lungs, an abundance of plants for our health and beauty beyond anyone’s imagination for our enjoyment. 

    At Ru-ki we believe it is our purpose to nurture as much as possible, our Earth and the beings on it.

    Ru-ki aims to remind people of this by sourcing products from suppliers with similar views and philosophies. Our product is sourced all over the world from areas that cultivate the highest potency of each particular plant. If a plant is being over harvested, we will always opt for another option or source manufactured via greenhouse systems. Our suppliers guarantee the highest quality products and always provide certification of analyses to ensure there are no nasties going into the powders. 


  • Ru-ki is proud to be part of the 1% For The Planet community. Working with high-impact environmental partners that support causes such as climate and land conservation as well as wildlife and animal welfare, we pay 1% of our annual revenue to approved partners. 


  • We make a conscious effort to chose recyclable and reusable packaging. Our amber jars are designed for top ups or reuse as desired. 


  • We use recyclable materials for our labels, shipping boxes and materials inside the shipping boxes. As we are a small brand, our print runs are also much smaller than larger commercial companies, allowing for less wastage.