Ruki Botanicals is a herbal dispensary that encourages people to get in touch with their roots, heritage and healing power of Mother Nature, through the energetics of plants. The more the world and its technologies develop, the further our society moves away from Earth’s offerings. It’s important, now more than ever to re-connect with nature and bring our bodies back to balance through the power of plants, for the good of the planet.

An alternative means of care for living organisms

Ruki aims to promote the sustainable use of natural plant materials, grown as gifts on Earth. The brand is a celebration of culture and passionately shares historical knowledge of natural remedies passed down from ancestors. 

Ethical Formulation


Ru-ki aims to nourish and enrich the planet along with all its beings. No animal products are used in the formulation of the product. We always recommend preparing recipes with your nut milk of choice. 

Herbalist Formulated

All of our formulas are prepared with the professional advice of a certified clinical herbalist to achieve the best quality, synergistic herbal alignments and safety of products. Dosages, ratios as well as herbal interactions are all thoroughly considered during production.

Potent Extracts

You’ll notice that some of our ingredients are pure powders and others are extracts. 

The main difference here is that powders are made from freshly harvested whole plant material which is dried, ground down and sifted.

Whilst consumption of whole plant powders is still extremely beneficial to our body, powdered extracts are considered to have higher absorbability, concentration and potency. 

The process of powder extraction includes taking the dried herb and extracting the chemical constituents of the plant cells into a liquid solution of alcohol, water-alcohol or at times glycerin as these are able to penetrate the cell walls. Once this initial extract is achieved, the solution is then evaporated to produce a highly concentrated powder. 

Some of our ingredients such as medicinal mushrooms are extracted through a dual extraction method. A dual extract, also known as a double extract uses a two system approach to firstly extract fat soluble constituents through ethanol and later water to draw out the water soluble components in order to achieve a broad spectrum powdered extract. 

No Fillers

Our vegan powders do not contain fillers, sugars, additives or preservatives of any kind. 

100% Herbs

All of our herbs are sourced from trusted suppliers around the world. The geographic location for each source changes based on the environment most conducive to the growth and potency of each particular plant. All efforts are taken to ensure we are providing the highest quality and most effective product. 

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